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Fixing a

Weak Cell Phone Signal One bar of cell service

or No Service (indoors)


PROBLEM: People often can’t use their mobile devices / smartphones when they are inside of Buildings.

REASON: Buildings or more specifically the materials that go into them, weaken (or attenuate) cell phone signals. This applies to signals trying to get in from the tower to reach a mobile device and signals from mobile devices trying to get back out to the tower.

SOLUTION: The issue can be fixed by retransmitting the tower signal ‘inside’ and the Smartphone signal ‘outside’. This is done by installing a Cellular Repeater (Booster).

Not long ago, inexpensive 'Cell Boosters'  (common term for all repeaters) were only practical for very small spaces like an individual office or small convenience store. Larger spaces required equipment that averages $5-10 / S.F. and can typically take up to 18 months or more just for the carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) approvals.

Thanks to newer technology, Solutions for Larger Spaces up to 500,000+ S.F. now cost the same ($0.50 - $1 / S.F.) as smaller spaces and can be insalled in a Few Days or Weeks.  Additionally, these solutions can also Be Leased*.

*Ask us about our new Leasing Option which includes Failed Device

Replacement and all Required Labor (at No Extra Cost for Life).

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