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‘Jetson’ ?

If you remember or have ever seen the Hanna Barbara Cartoon – ‘The Jetsons’ – it depicted a future where you literally push a button for anything you need including brushing your teeth and getting dressed. Everything was automatic. The name ‘Jetson Automation’ was chosen to convey the forward looking technology we provide to our clients.  

What we do:

Jetson is a Systems Integrator, Electronics Installer, Solution Provider and/or a Technology General Contractor. In a nutshell that means we provide just about any type of tech infrastructure  – Telecom, IT / Networking, Security & Fire, Audio/Visual and Electrical.

Although you can usually find someone in each discipline, locating one trusted company that can handle all of them for you is rare. Is this desirable? Let’s consider an example. 

Let’s say Joe N. (No-extra-time) wants to install security cameras. His first call would probably be to a company that sells, installs and services (don’t forget the maintenance) security cameras. Seems logical and pretty straightforward. So that’s it. Done right!? Maybe. Maybe not!

Provided he already has the wires where each camera will be located and there is a current network in place that will support the additional load, yes (assuming these will be wired IP cameras) he’s probably good. On the other hand let’s say he doesn’t know if his network will handle it or doesn’t already have the wiring in place (let alone extra network appliances). He’s going to need someone to install network cabling and maybe an IT firm to make it work. That may be 1 or 2 additional companies.

Depending on the run lengths and locations, fiber may be called for. Installing this properly and terminating it is usually a specialty (i.e., another company). So we are now up to possibly 4 additional companies.

Will there be multiple buildings? If there’s no network connection or physical conduit between them (to connect via cable) then company number 5 will either be someone to put pipe/conduit in the ground or someone who can install wireless bridges on the roofs. Either way you may need to core between walls or floors so we now need another specialty (#6). If any of the buildings are across town or on the other side of the city (distance and/or obstructions) then you may need a different connection (company #7?).  What about additional power and conduit on walls and ceilings (building code). An electrician might be your 8th professional.

Pat yourself on the back. You’re now a Tech GC! That is, in addition to whatever your normal job is.

Now let’s suppose you have better things to do than figure all of that out and manage it. That’s where we come in. Not only do we install cameras (for example), but we do everything that is required to make them work (the infrastructure they run on) so you don’t have to call 7 other trades. If we just completed installing cameras, you might now be looking for someone to hang a flat screen or projector in the conference room, help with access control, add more WAP’s, install new phones or fix a poor indoor cell signal so mobile phones can be used w/o bogging down the WiFi. No problem and no need to look any further. You’ve come to the right place!

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