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Installation & Removal

Racks, Jacks & Cabling - a.k.a., Premise Wiring


We install all the wiring and associated hardware connections for your network and devices such as speakers, projectors, WAN carrier connections from a demarc or the building access (e.g., basement) up to your office suites, Access Control, lines, camera wiring, etc.


We pull both copper and fiber, inside and out, terminate (connectors, patch panels and wall plates), test and label (as desired).


We also remove old cabling, cabinets, conduit and rewire (for example where Plenum cable is mandated by NEC and NFPA but was not installed per building code).


Moving into a new space? Adding people or consolidating? Need more drops in a lab or other area? We can help you with these or a host of other possibilities. We’re fast, we’re neat and we’re economical.



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