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Help for COVID-19 Internet Problems

Help for COVID-19 Internet Symptoms

Sitting in our homes and trying to work from them is new for many of us. The fallback and go-to way of coping has become video. We are social animals. Not only do we want to talk to others, we want to ‘see’ them!

More than ever people are using online video calls and conferencing options to take the place of face-to-face meetings, in-person conferences, get-togethers and just visiting with family and friends. This is creating an unusually high load on Internet circuits and impacting performance. So what can be done?

The answer is the same advice we give each other when we have to drive somewhere in our cars - don’t travel during rush hour! Since many people who normally work in an office are now doing this from home, ‘Rush Hour’ on the Internet has just become 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. If you can avoid that ‘traffic’ you may have a much better experience. To do that simply try to schedule meetings before 8 and after 4. Need something in the middle? Noon is an ideal time since that is when most people stop to eat (even when home).

Another option is to pick odd times. Almost everyone schedules meetings and calls traditionally on the hour. Therefore you stand a better chance of hitting less Internet traffic if you pick a different time slot. You could do 15 after or 15 before the hour or half past but why not try 9:13am or 1:42pm?!  Mix it up and don’t worry about others doing the same as this will only help to spread the load out. That in turn will hopefully speed things up for everyone.  Happy motoring!

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