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MSP - How we differ...

With most MSPs “your ticket goes into a random queue of level 1 people you don’t know”.  There are many other things in that space, but here's how our Managed Services are unique:

  • We focus on providing an extremely rapid response- we have SLAs, but we essentially consider 'a person getting back to you' as something we try to do within minutes… not within SLA's
  • We work On-site whenever possible – we want to be there so we can get to know your people, know your infrastructure and know your business
  • We assign Dedicated virtual teams of people you know who become a part of YOUR team
  • We use Level 3 people only – we have experienced professionals (only), so the work gets executed quickly and accurately the first time
  • We are flexible in technical expertise to meet your needs – we have experts in every area and we shuffle people in and out as needed to fill our clients’ needs – no changes in contract, no worries
  • We have only technical account management – the people who manage our clients are senior consultants who can speak business as well as tech - this drastically eases the support experience
  • Our technicians are personable, great people to work with and “customer service obsessed”, So you know they’re going to care even more about you than they do the technology
  • We support ANY technology – many MSPs will push a client into a specific end solution for network, desktops, etc. While we certainly work to make recommendations for efficiency and an overall better support experience, we do not mandate that the technology must change
  • Our customer’s issues go Direct-to-Tech – we have no triage function – your issues get right to the people who are going to help you with no delays
  • We assign a Client Success Team – people dedicated to working with you at a strategic level, to understand your businesses’ goals and to best align our services to meet them

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