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What are Outsourced IT Services?

By definition, an Outsourced IT provider is an external supplier (vendor) for IT services. This is in contrast to traditional ‘in-house’ (employee) provided IT support.

Some Reasons to consider Outsourced IT:

  • You currently just need something installed, repaired or configured (one-time)
  • You don't have enough IT work to justify hiring an employee but have occassional needs
  • You have IT people on staff but they're overwhelmed and need some help
  • You'd like to save money by using an outside firm -vs- hiring employees
  • You need Cloud services, system monitoring or coverage for several locations

Outsourced IT can be broken into 2 categories. IT vendors are typically either:

01.  BREAK / FIX - where something needs repair, needs to be added or changed, etc. and an outside company is called in to provide the requested service. Once that has been supplied the work is over until such time as another need arises and the same company may be called back (if the initial experience was positive) to perform additional work. 


  • add WAP’s,
  • replace a switch or router
  • configure QoS or firewall
  • add fiber or wireless bridges to link additional buildings
  • install drops or additional patch panels


02.  SUBSCRIPTION – Companies known as MSP’s manage (typically on a remote basis) a client’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems on an ongoing basis through a subscription, for example a monthly fee (versus a one-time charge in the Break / Fix model).


  • Messaging Implementation & Management
  • Security and Data Protection Services
  • Monitoring & Proactive Assistance
  • Open Source Integration
  • DevOps
  • HelpDesk
  • Virtual CIO                                                                                                

Jetson's IT Division is unique in that we actually Provide BOTH!

Why is this desirable?!

No two companies/clients are ever the same! Everyone has specific needs and they are not static. Companies grow and change and so does the level of assistance they may need at any point in time. We accommodate this by offering comprehensive IT support based to address whatever is needed whenever it is needed.

If we come in and fix something and you are also interested in having your system monitored to help prempt any future issues, we don't say sorry and leave you hanging. Similarly if you have an onsite need we won't ask you to sign up for a month of subscription based services in order to diagnose something that could have been done in a few hours onsite.

Different needs require different approaches. By offering both categories of service we cover all the bases and can recommend what will work best for you and not simply what is best for us.  

A few scenarios:

  • A startup may need some initial IT help and then may decide to go it on their own knowing that should they again need assistance they can call for an isolated type of things or obtain ongoing support taking the place of andsaving the expense of hiring someone full time.
  • A more established company may already have a full time IT person but that person could occasionally become overwhelmed and need some assistance (although not necessarily enough to justify the expense of hiring another employee).
  • Alternatively some functions may be beyond the skillset of the people who occasionally help out – by temporarily donning an IT hat when needed – but actually have no formal IT training.

So whatever your needs, whether it is a one time thing, occassional help or ongoing, we've got you covered. Why not call us and see how we may be able to help?!

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