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Audio / Video (A/V)

Audio & Video (or 'A/V') is a catch all term for Speakers, Microphones, Sound Masking, Receivers, Amplifiers, etc. (Audio Equipment) and Flat Panel Displays, Projectors, Screens, Motorized Lifts, etc. (Video equipment).

The right equipment for the space and application are key. For example, what is needed or desired in a conference room will be different than a bar or restaurant. The same aplies to cafeterias, hallways and reception areas. We can easily customize a solution that will meet your particular needs.

Digital Signage, Video Walls & Kiosks

Anywhere you go these days you see what people refer to as 'TV's' or more specifically digital flat screen displays that are usually showing you advertisements or menu choices (in the case of a restaurant) or information about an exibit, etc. These are the 21st century version of static signs and billboards of yesteryear. They are like neon signs versus a printed sign. They immediately grap your attention but go much further. We're visual creatures by nature and we respond to light and movement. When we see a digital 'sign' we look and if it has the right content we pay attention!

What we do:
We istall the displays and the media servers that show you digital content. We build the synchronized video walls and we can also create all of the content for you (if desired). This can be stand alone or split screen if for example an establisment wishes to show advertising or messages alongside regular TV programming.

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