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There are a few things no one enjoys like:

  • Having to spend time calling supplier after supplier to try and book a service or request an estimate
  • Actually having to spend Money on that service!.

What if:

1. You only had to make one call?


2. The ‘service’ didn’t cost you any extra money but immediately started saving you money?

Wouldn’t that be refreshingly different!? Let’s first consider #2 (or let’s first consider the second!?):

Here's an example of what that would be like:

You currently pay $100 for a service. You replace this service (cancel it) and now pay only $75 for the new service.

The following Solutions can immediately reduce what you are currently paying out:

  • Cloud VoIP PhonesCompare the new quoted monthly cost to what you are paying now for phone service, then eliminate equipment costs, maintenance costs, repair cost and programming.
  • Outsourced ITThis as we say is COMPREHENSIVE and completely flexible IT. It is as much or as little as you need and that is open to change. Compare to what you are spending today on IT employees or budgeting to hire them.
  • Outsourced Reception – This is new, can be easily integrated into our VoIP offering (just touch a button) and targets smaller orgs. It IS NOT an Answering Service and saves money by replacing a receptionist you’d hire

  • Intelligent Agents – Also integrated with our Office VoIP provider or can be separate. Do you pay someone to sit and confirm appointments or take payments over the phone? No need to pay a person to do this anymore.

Why not consider one or all of these?

One more. This one requires some upfront spending (less than other solutions) but the dividends are well worth it.

  • In-building Cellular (signal) – When people can’t stay connected they don’t want to be in your space. Example: You are having a conversation with someone on your mobile. You walk into a building and the call drops. What do you do? Walk back out! Probably not what you’d like to happen if that person is or could have been business for you.

Now let's get back to the first item: One call

Jetson provides all of these services and more. You do not need to call a 2nd vendor or a 3rd or a 4th…

What if you need something else: Maybe Cameras? Access Control? Cabling? Perhaps you need some AV work? Same answer, same familiar and trusted source – Jetson Automation.

And in case you are wondering where the ‘Automation’ in our name comes from, we also offer Building (HVAC & Lighting) Automation Control Systems but originally the term referred to our residential beginnings – ‘Home Automation’.

If you remember or have ever seen the Hanna-Barbera Cartoon – The Jetsons, it depicted a future where you literally push a button for anything you need including brushing your teeth and getting dressed. Everything was automated. Therefore Jetson Automation is a perfect moniker for the forward looking technology we continue to provide.

I really hope you’ll give us a chance to show you some or all of the above ways to make your business life easier and less expensive and some of the other solutions we offer.


D.J. Franks


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