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Cell Phone Problems Indoors?




The Solution is a A Cellular Signal Booster.

In many cases we can recommend a multi-channel solution for about 1/10 the cost of what an Industrial DAS (Distributed Antenna System) would come in at for a single carrier!


In it's simplest form, a system has 3 basic elements:

An Outside Antennae, an Amplifier and an Inside Antennae (installed systems also contain additional components such as lightning protection, AC surge suppression and may have more signal distribution components).


The system works by picking up the available signal outside a building, amplifying it and then rebroadcasting a stronger signal inside to your cell phone. The inside antennae transmits this signal to your cellular device and also works in reverse to strengthen the signal your phone is trying to send back to the tower. The amplifier can make it seem like you just attached a 20 ft long antennae to your handheld and plugged it into a car battery for more power! In reality, your phone will now have less work to do and in turn will use less energy (longer battery life) because the system is doing the heavy lifting for it.


Would you pay for a landline every month if your cell phone worked inside?


How much could you save!?


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Then Cut the Cord, Toss the Bills and Use Your Phone Inside!

Do you:


  Run outside to use your cell phone?

  Experience dropped calls when you are inside?

  Have trouble getting emails and texts?



If you have a usable signal outside then you can have an even stronger signal inside!


What's going on?


There are a lot of reasons for a bad signal (or no signal) inside a building:


1. Distance from the nearest cell tower

2. Natural obstructions like mountains, valleys and even trees

3. Building materials like insulation and window coatings


...but what's important is that in most cases


You Don't Have to Put Up With It!






We Can Fix That! 


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