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Unfortunately, sometimes the only place you can get a signal these days is on the roof. That's because modern building materials (concrete, steel, insulation, window coatings, etc.) block cell phone signals both from getting in and from getting out.

For patrons and tenants who have become extremely dependant upon their cell phones to stay in touch, this can be a completely intolerable situation. For building owners this can mean that space will rapidly become empty and continue to go unleased.




Our cellular division has installed 1000's of systems all across the United states in:


• Airports     • Arenas & Sports Stadiums     • Casinos     • College Campuses     • Condo/Multi-Dwelling Units     • Education  

• Enterprise Campuses     • Government     • Health Care/Hospitals/Clinics      • Hospitality     • Manufacturing  

• Office Environments     • Subway/Underground Tunnels     • Transportation      • Warehouses


If your facility doesn't have an acceptable cell signal contact us today.


We'll put you in touch with prior customers who've faced the same problems and have come away delighted.




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Commercial Cellular


In addition to lost revenues, lack of a signal is now a health and safety concern as first responders are increasingly turning to cellular communications. In 2009 the International Fire Code was amended to require approved radio coverage inside new buildings for emergency responders. While implementation is still largely up to individual jurisdictions, this will only get more stringent as time goes on.  Additional info is available here. Several states (such as Massachusetts) have implemented the the amendment.


Unlike many many subsystems, expense wise, it doesn't cost anymore to install in a finished space. So don't hesitate to call us anytime.


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