Electronic Infrastructure


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Our Background

Because direct [hard] wiring wasn’t always practical, Jetson would regularly install wireless devices and the underlying network appliances (router, switches and AP’s). Although Wi-Fi makes it very easy to control things from a simple app on a mobile device, it isn't always an option and usually won't help you with voice calls. Therefore a decent cellular signal is highly desirable. The problem is that many if not most building materials (steel, glass coatings, masonry, insulation materials, etc.) block cellular signals. As a result, when someone walks into a building, the call they are on may drop. Email and texts may still get through but they are often significantly ‘delayed’ (1/2 hour? An hour?). Accessing the Internet may be impossible.


To fix this problem Jetson began installing cellular signal boosters or BDA's. BDA's are bidirectional amplifiers that bring the outdoor signal in and allow the weak signal on a mobile device to reach the nearest cell tower. Since buildings are usually commercial spaces, more and more of our customers were becoming businesses. Not only were they delighted to discover that they could fix their indoor cellular problems, but they also discovered that it didn’t have to cost a fortune! This quickly grew into other types of project requests. If we were installing coax for the cellular, could we also pull Ethernet? What about surveillance cameras? Could we move a projector? What about fiber? VoIP phones? The answer was and is yes and as a result Jetson’s clients are now 98% commercial and we handle a wide range of electronic infrastructure services including plain old electrical (AC) wiring. And if there is ever something we don't do, we certainly know someone else who can assist; so you never have to make a 2nd or even 3rd call. We've got you covered!

Where's George? Actually there is no George [Jetson] but the company name was inspired by the famous cartoon series that depicts among other things a push button future.

Jetson began as a provider of residential ‘home’ automation systems serving hi-end builders and clients in the Hamptons on Long Island. Our systems control lights, HVAC, locks, cameras, etc. We also sell and install the devices (thermostats, speakers, flat screens, cameras, etc.) The control systems can be set to turn these devices on and off automatically [automation] on a schedule or in response to some event like a door opening or someone coming within a certain radius (location based rules or ‘geo-services’).

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